Alarms & Security

Grade-A Alarms & Security Services to suit your business.


Alarms & Security Services

Wire Free Alarms

This is the way forward in security alarms. Complete Facilities utilise the latest technology in ‘wire free’ technology. Due to their wireless nature, it leads to a far more seamless install process as well as providing more versatility in the future? If you’re moving offices, bringing your wireless alarm system with you is a possibility, unlike older wired systems.

CCTV IP or HD Systems

IP CCTV is perfect for our clients who may have a large floorspace and need to connect their security system to a unique IP network.

We provide a wide variety of CCTV security services, and can cater each service uniquely to your requirements. Pop into the office, or give us a call and we will happily discuss your options with you.


Organised Fire Drills & Reports

Ideally you should be utilising fire drills to maximise your workforce’s efficiency at leaving your premises in the scenario where a fire were to occur. 
At Complete Facilities, we can run these fire drills for you, and provide a report detailing any issues or improvements which have been noted in the drill process.

Off-site Alarm Monitoring

We can monitor your security from our facility, and if the unfortunate instance occurs where an alarm is triggered, we will investigate the problem straight away. 

Having a third-party involved with your security monitoring eliminates the possibility of staff intimidation from on-site security, as well as saving on security costs.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

With professional alarms & security, video monitoring and energy management solutions, you can keep your business secure and gain new awareness into key operational activities within your business. Furthermore we strive to provide energy efficient methods in order to keep your associated energy costs down.


Here at Complete Facilities, we value the importance of security!

With our years of experience securing corporate clients within Jersey, and providing a wide array of alarm & security services, we are certain we can provide a Grade-A service for your business.

Other Services

Cash Services

From the second we touch your cash, documents, or valuables to the moment it reaches the bank, it is our responsibility.


Archiving Services

Let us look after your secure archiving needs and save valuable space within your office to be better utilised.



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